UndiMsia! jersey

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Made from lightweight high technology material? Check. Promotes community activism? Check. Makes you look stylish and yet retaining that sense of mindfulness? Check. UndiMsia! logo stuck on it? Check that too. UM! Jersey? Yes, please.

XXL – Chest: 54cm; Length: 77.5cm; Shoulder: 35cm
XL – Chest: 53cm; Length: 76.5cm; Shoulder: 34.5cm
L – Chest: 52cm; Length: 75.5cm; Shoulder: 33.5cm
M – Chest: 48.5cm; Length: 71cm; Shoulder: 32cm
S – Chest: 46cm; Length: 68.5cm; Shoulder: 28.5cm
XS – Chest: 44.5cm; Length: 66cm; Shoulder: 26cm