Photo Courtesy of Mudframes Photography

Alright, alright, Lord Bobo did hear thy complaints about trying to get thy LoyarBurok booty. We knoweth it’s not easy buying stuff out of the back of a vehicle in a dodgy under-lit park for vehicles, or while avoiding waiters at restaurants, or even walking up the four flights of stairs to reach the Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok. Hence the Good Lord did commandeth His minions to doeth something about it. So many of them did gathereth and engage in mighty discussion and storm their brains for a solution until they did cry in unison: ‘Online Retail Store’ as they pumpeth their fists in the air in triumph. They then did retire to Ananda Bhavan to eat, drink and mutually appreciate each other mightily. The Messiah then met with the many minions at the height of their feast and after hearing all they had said did reply, ‘’Tis very good.’ The minions then did ask, ‘What shall it be called, O’ Mesmerizing Messiah?’ The Messiah then did fling his head back stylishly, held his arms out to the sky and uttered, ‘Let it be called LoyarBarang.’ And thus the clouds did part, the sun shoneth through, the angels strummed their heavenly lyre sweetly and the Online Retail Store was completed in all its vast array.

LoyarBarang is the exclusive online retail store for not just LoyarBurok booty but for all things LoyarBurok related and more. There’s exclusive LoyarBurok clothes (outer now, inner later), books (we’re working on getting books with pictures in them because we find them easier to read), bookmarks (so you can mark your books or mark out the juicy bits of some Jackie Collins novel you’re reading), outrageous LoyarBurok stickers, scintillating designed mugs that raises the bar for drinking from a stylish container, and more. Go and look lah instead of reading this. Lord Bobo’s minions are working hard to broaden the range of items in the future for activist lifestyle such as legal education products, tear gas masks, the finest fleur de sel, steel-toe cap boots with rubberized soles and livestock.

All proceeds from the sales made from LoyarBarang goes directly towards funding the Malaysian Centre for Constitutionalism and Human Rights (MCCHR) @ Pusat Rakyat LoyarBurok initiatives such as its human right protection and awareness initiatives, strategic public interest litigation, voter education programs, citizen empowerment workshops, legal and political research, and other cool yet socially responsible activities.