Lord Bobo Pop Art t-shirt

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You knew it was coming. Admit it. Four Lord Bobo Gestures™. Four small boxes in four wild and sexy different colours on the same LB Tee! It’s crazy! The 3 primary colours with green thrown in to reflect LB’s commitment to the environment and grass, and white to keep costs down. And at the back in barely legal and utterly cool fonts is the website with His Supreme Eminenceness Lord Bobo looking at you in case you lose your way. Some of the LB Tee Psyche’s awesome features are as follows: reminds you of the primary colours and to remember the environment; four colours to express the entire spectrum of your moods – simply point index finger on colour to express yourself (please point to appropriate colour in the event of mood change for accurate expression); able to absorb a fair amount of liquid due to excellent distribution system; tailored to fit 95% of the Homo Sapien species; rumoured to increase sexual prowess (but you didn’t hear it from us); makes you instantly cooler and more stylish than you originally were; produces smiles and finger pointing by others wearing an LB Tee™.

Padi (XS) – Chest: 47.5cm; Length: 67.5cm; Shoulder: 44.5cm
Cili Padi (S) – Chest: 48.5cm; Length: 69cm; Shoulder: 46cm
Freedom Size (M) – Chest: 52cm; Length: 71cm; Shoulder: 50.5cm
Lots of Love (L) – Chest: 54.5cm; Length: 74cm; Shoulder: 51.5cm
Hug Me (XL) – Chest: 57cm; Length: 76cm; Shoulder: 54cm


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