LoyarBurok ringer t-shirt (ladies)


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A black cotton LoyarBurok ringer t-shirt with barely legal features: able to absorb a fair amount of liquid due to excellent distribution system; fireproof when wet; can be folded appropriately and used as blindfold; produces smiles and finger pointing by others wearing an LB Teeā„¢; increases intelligence, sexual attractiveness and bravery by 0.0001% (studies still pending); and many others waiting for you to discover and experience. The message printed behind the LB Tee is in honour of the Patron of LoyarBurok his Supreme Eminenceness and Utter Niceness Lord Bobo. All Hail Lord Bobo! This LB Tee was not hand stitched by Guatamalan virgin midgets. Purchasing this LB Tee just may encourage the pandas to get it on. Purchase in bulk! This LB Tee is not edible.

Cili Padi (S) – Chest: 36cm; Length: 59.5cm; Shoulder: 32.5cm
Freedom Size (M) – Chest: 36.5cm; Length: 63cm; Shoulder: 34cm

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