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HSE Lord Bobo’s Cufflinks

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His Supreme Eminence Lord Bobo’s Cufflinks. That’s all that really needs to be said about these fine cufflinks. But you want to see our marketing work for it. We get it. No problem. Here you have it:-

The metal for these cufflinks were sourced from the legendary mines of Moria from a few desperate dwarves who are hiding out in Klang after having had enough of Middle Earth. The cufflinks were then forged by elves living it up in Janda Baik because they weren’t into the whole immortality business. The delicate and sacred visage of HSE Lord Bobo were installed by Malketh Unicorns using their bare alicorns. At least three Malketh Unicorns had to work on each cufflink at any one time. And there couldn’t be any non-virgin supervisors in the room. That last bit was the toughest part to source in this modern promiscuous society that values sex more than love and affection. With heritage involving dwarves, elves, unicorns and virgin supervisors, you know deep down in your soul there’s some serious value here.

But wait, here are some of the awe inspiring features that you can enjoy when you wear them:
(1) Guaranteed to fit 99.9% of cufflink slits unless you tailor your shirts from Planet Zorbia
(2) When the base is flipped to a horizontal position, it will hold together the two cuffs until then end of time or when you take them off, whichever is earlier
(3) if you fully extended the stem, you can slide it between your finger and pretend to be Wolverine (hair cut and Hugh Jackman bod not included) although you have to do the sound effects yourself (4) create an immediate link and relationship with all LoyarBurokkers who catch sight of HSE Lord Bobo’s Cufflinks.

Almost all profits from our merchandise goes towards funding Lord Bobo’s Initiatives of Justice such as the MCCHR strategic litigation cases, Project UndiMsia, and Malaysia’s only community blog, LoyarBurok.com. These are our efforts to create an environment where democracy, human rights and personal self-development can flourish. Thank you for your support. We appreciate it.

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