LoyarBurok Ufolo polo shirt


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We know some of those stuck up places didn’t let us in wearing the LB Tee because it doesn’t have a collar. Now there’s no need to get mad or even anymore, instead get LB Polo UFolo. Show them up and get in there with Lord Bobo grinning by your side as you swagger wherever you are going. Instructions on how to swagger not included. The LB Polo UFolo can also be worn at large and used to improve one’s aesthetic appearance and appeal. Some of the LB Polo UFolo features are: collar can be raised to provide shade for neck on hot days or partially hide the lower portion of the face for whatever reason; three translucent buttons to fidget with when nervous; provides shelter to upper torso except the head and arms; etc.

Padi (XS) – Chest: 47cm; Length: 67cm; Shoulder: 39cm
Cili Padi (S) – Chest: 50cm; Length: 68.5cm; Shoulder: 41cm
Freedom Size (M) – Chest: 52cm; Length: 71cm; Shoulder: 43cm
Lots of Love (L) – Chest: 54cm; Length: 74cm; Shoulder: 45cm
Hug Me (XL) – Chest: 59cm; Length: 73.5cm; Shoulder: 47cm


L – Lots of Love, M – Freedom, S – Cili Padi, XL – Hug Me, XS – Padi


White, Navy