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It’s election time! (Finally)
POLITKO is a card game about wacky scheming, cynical realpolitik—in other words, it is a game about winning the Malaysian general election!

Janji ditepati!
Woo voters with cash handouts, hudud law, or petrol subsidies.

Pencapaian diutamakan!
Hire phantom voters. Control the media. Cook up a sex scandal to alienate your enemy’s supporters or betray your own allies! (If that doesnt’ work, you can always blame the Jews.)

Lawan tetap lawan
Choose from 9 distinct (and familiar) political parties to lead to victory.

Play with up to 6 friends, of any race. But are they really your friends? Remember: it’s not about the people. It’s about Putrajaya.

Requires POLITIKO, 2nd Ed. to play.

POLITKO—the card game about wacky scheming, cynical realpolitik, and Malaysian general elections—invades Sabah and Sarawak!

Woo East Malaysian voters with clean water and electricity; alienate them with excessive logging. Force your political rivals to splinter and grant citizenship to immigrants. If nothing works, play up invasions by a foreign sultanate!

Fight West Malaysian oppression with three new political parties with unique abilities. Rally around the White-haired Rajah’s will!

REMEMBER: the East is your fixed deposit. Spend it well.