UndiMsia! “Undimu Suaramu” ringer t-shirt


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This is a unique t-shirt designed by Sharon Chin. It must be the first promoting community activism bubble tee. Now you don’t just have to drink it. You can wear it too! And if you’re bored or have some fabric marker pens, fill up the bubbles with your thoughts. Go nuts. Rediscover your childhood. Psychologist not included.

XXL – Chest: 59.5cm; Length:  81cm; Shoulder: 52.5cm
XL – Chest: 57.5cm; Length:  78cm; Shoulder: 52cm
L – Chest: 55cm; Length: 75.5cm; Shoulder: 50cm
M – Chest: 51cm; Length: 73cm; Shoulder: 46cm
S – Chest: 49cm; Length: 69.5cm; Shoulder: 42cm
XS – Chest: 47cm; Length:  68.5cm; Shoulder: 40cm